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Build a Sale Page for a Luxury Villa

The Client needed to create a sales page for a recently renovated luxury villa, the goal was to rent and at the same time allow acquiring the villa.
The villa was for sale for 3 years, with the renovation, new photoshoot & a sales page we created a new opportunity in the market.

Vision & Method

Our agency presented a Luxury & Family Feel that
resonated in the layout, harmonising with the blues, golds and browns. Was important to enhance the size and features of the house.

Landing Page & Strategy

The User Experience is our Key Strategy when launching products, we strategically design the experience so the costumer could have the vision of the client, creating opportunity for a better qualified leads, resulting in a short sales line.

We create a strategic user experience where the customer could travel throughout the page and discover about the property, the area, the amenities, the feedback, and for those who wish to buy an area with more information. We also wanted to facilitate the flow, so the customer could have more qualified leads, so the customer could have all the information in advance resulting in better-qualified leads with a minimum effort.

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