a Marketing Conference


Build & Launch

Our team TDC was tasked with developing a website for a major marketing and innovation conference called Share Algarve. The conference was set to feature a range of speakers and panel discussions over three days, aimed at sharing real stories and insights from experts in the field.

Our primary goal was to create a website that would effectively communicate the unique value proposition of the conference and attract attendees from around the world. We recognized the importance of a strong visual identity and aimed to create a site that would be both visually appealing and user-friendly.


Active Coperation

We collaborated with Jorge Cabaço and his team to completely redefine their brand, using their company values and competitive analysis as our guide. Share Algarve successfully drew out their unique story to showcase what makes them special, through contemporary design & a unique web concept.

We started with a complete brand overhaul and redesigned the logo for web and print – something simple, elegant, and timeless.




The result is a super sleek website, unique amongst their competitive landscape of event production companies. Potential clients become immersed in beautiful imagery and can find everything they need to know about Share Algarve in one place.

Added Value Strategy

We incorporated a range of imagery to showcase the conference’s exciting lineup of speakers and events.

In addition to providing information about the conference schedule and speakers, we also included features to enhance the attendee experience. Overall, our team successfully developed a website that effectively showcased the unique value proposition of Share Algarve and helped attract a large and diverse audience.  

– AMBASSADORS for Share Algarve

– Redesign for the colateral Design & Graphics

– New UX /UI website

– Social Midia Launch design

– Co-Strategy for user experience at the conference

– Creating Naming & themes for the stages


– User research

– UX UI Design

– PR/Marketing strategy


– Branding and identity

– Marketing automation

– Mockup Design


– Conference

– Social


– Portugal

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