Launch an Exclusive Journey


Build and launch an exclusive journey to Egypt

Inês Gaya & Rui Estrela had the clear objective to launch an exclusive journey to Egypt. They been working with a guide to create a bespoke journey of 5 days. They trusted the Design Creators to ensure and empowered the Digital sales as well all the design vision.


Empowering the experience of a Bespoke Journey

The Team “TDC” always start with the what, who & why. This strategic phase is always a key point for us. Empowering the user experience, with data, understand the “3 Ws”. Adding Key questions like:  wich experience will make them buy? How can we create a perfect “hot sale for hot leads”? 


Creating key points throughout the sale

Here is the secret that makes all come together.


1st the Client must be full board with all strategies request from the team, creating a powerful work force. It´s time to trust the process.


2nd TDC team creates a journey map of each step and deliberates with the client. All the process is done at least 3 weeks earlier to the launch in order to maximize the sale.


3rd the Design communication must be in harmony with all the deliverables.


4th Landing pages can make or brake the sales. Here is where we focus the most. Creating strategic content, making sure all the Ux is made to create authority, make statements, make sure is cristal clear and responds to every doubts or need of the future Lead.


Sold Out in 24 hours

The recent trend towards consumer privacy has changed the environment for brands rapidly. Adapting marketing strategies to an evolving world is becoming increasingly essential.


The only way forward is to start by building a relationship with consumers.


Inês Gaya’s brand is built on this concept of Relationship Marketing. Based on acquisition, engagement, personalization content that is identified with the community and Relationship Marketing is the key to building long-lasting connections and driving revenue so fast that creates opportunities like Gaya´s Journey Egipto to be successful.



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