"Na Nave"
with Inês Gaya



The name of Inês Gaya last podcast project in partnership with Fnac and Nature & Découvertes, whose image was developed by the Design Creators.


Here we seek not only to align the image with the content of the podcast, whose themes are closely linked to Health and Wellness, Nature and Sustainability, and Emotional Balance but also to maintain harmony with the identity of Inês Gaya, previously developed by the Design Creators.





This logo and fonts are a reflection of a more vintage inspiration, combined with graphics that suggest a “draft” – almost as if we were starting with themes that we had written down on a piece of paper, and by doing so, we enhance the creative process.


Allied with this, we also explore, through graphic elements, the more spiritual side and the deep connection with nature that is already so inherent in the Inês Gaya Brand and that is very present in this project.

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